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Treating rheumatoid arthritis?

Question by Crocodile Dundee: Treating rheumatoid arthritis?
I have a friend that has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She is in her early forties and her job does require she stay on her feet most of the day.

I know this is not a curable condition but I was wondering if anyone could share some tips with me on how to alleviate some of the symptoms (without drugs).

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Amit G
Don’t know about without drugs but with drugs, usually try NSAIDS. When all else fails, Rituximab works WONDERS!

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Posted by Martha Milldenton - June 3, 2012 at 5:00 am

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Is there any other alternatives for treating rheumatoid arthritis other than prescription medicines?

Question by Sasha: Is there any other alternatives for treating rheumatoid arthritis other than prescription medicines?
is there really a cure or any way to reverse it? is there any supplements that can be taken that would be effective, if so what are they? i’ve been on many different pain medications before but now i just started taking methotrexate and now also celebrex and i know the long term side effects are not good. so i am looking for different alternatives if there are any..

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Answer by Fish
I dont know. I’m just answering for the points.

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Posted by Martha Milldenton - January 8, 2012 at 6:01 am

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Effective Alternatives for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and Joint Pain

Effective Alternatives for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and Joint Pain

Millions of people, especially the aging ones, are experiencing rheumatoid arthritis joint pain. They often become hopeless in life because of the discomforts the condition gives, or resort to certain surgeries, which are costly, and not all can afford to undergo these kinds of procedures.

Almost all of the time, rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains come along with each one. Rheumatism, as it’s commonly called, is a disease that comes as a result of the healthy tissues being attacked by WBCs (white blood cells). These often strike the cartilages with unknown reasons at present.


Many ways have been presented by experts and medical professionals to treat rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains. One effective way is through acupuncture.

Acupuncture is one of the most natural ways that you could engage in to treat rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains. In this process, needles are inserted to specific points in our body where energy mainly flows. Upon inserting them, the person will feel relaxed, and slowly the pain from the ailment is reduced.

Another natural treatment also come in the form of probiotics. These are bacteria, but don’t worry since they’re good to our body. This type of bacteria is present in every yogurt that we find in stores, so including them in your diet will be a smart idea. Probiotics help your digestive system in functioning properly, getting rid of those bad toxins, which may pose other threats to our entire body.

An herb, called the devil’s claw, is also proven to achieve effective results in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. This is commonly found in South Africa but is available in most markets.

Getting yourself with the correct diet also improve your pain management caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Joint pain must still be taken by specialists if it becomes severe for medical treatment to prevent further damage.

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Posted by Martha Milldenton - October 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief: Treating the Pain First

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief: Treating the Pain First

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic and systemic inflammatory disorder. It attacks synovial joints, but may attack other tissues and organs in the body. It causes swelling, stiffness, and pain, and eventually damages the bones, tendons, and cartilage. It causes deformities and limiting motions. Although less common compare to other arthritis, this debilitating disease is very painful that needs an immediate rheumatoid arthritis pain relief. It has a huge impact to the life a patient as it limits the body movement of a person, and deforms the bones.
Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief can be given for chronic or acute pain. Controlling the pain is more important that to cure the disease because it can cause anxiety to a patient. The medications enhance the mobility of a person and give comfort in the synovial joints. However, before trying to do any pain relief, always consulted doctor first. These drugs can cause side effects to the people using it, especially if prolonged use such as hypertension and gastrointestinal upset. 
NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Non-inflammatory Drugs) and narcotic medication are powerful painkillers. NSAID examples are ibuprofen, naproxen, and Celebrex which treat mild to moderate pain, while for narcotic pain, which treats moderate to severe pain are killers are oxycodone and codein. However, the prescribed drugs only act as painkillers. It did not solve the underlying condition. Steroids are also prescribed by a doctor, which is not for painkiller, but to reduce inflammation. It gets rid of the redness and swelling of the joints. Non-drug can also be used to help rheumatoid arthritis pain relief such as hot and cold treatments, positive attitude, exercise, relaxation methods, acupuncture, and topical lotions. 
Nutritional supplements and changes in lifestyle are more effective rheumatoid arthritis pain relief than those any other drugs and methods. Agony due to pain should not let anyone not to do things that a normal person does, nor to cancel the activities that were already planned. Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief is already here to ensure us that we enjoy the things that we did when we are young.

Want to know more about Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief? Visit Michael Harrah’s site at

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Posted by Martha Milldenton - October 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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Has anyone out there had any luck with cider vinegar and honey in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Question by Gootman: Has anyone out there had any luck with cider vinegar and honey in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Any additional folk remedies for this painful affliction would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by minx
I don’t have any folk remedies for you but i do have some sound nutritional advice you may like to try.

Try increasing your consumption of fatty fish, such as cod, salmon and halibut on a daily basis………. they are a great source of omega – 3 fatty acids which have antiflammatory properties. I’d also suggest you eliminate the nightshades, such as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant from your diet as they may aggravate your condition.

Fish oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and will also help to possibly prevent depression;
~ alleviate rheumatoid arthritis;
~ offer protection against migraines and kidney disease;
~ enhance the immune system;
~ lower blood pressure;
~ keep skin, hair and nails healthy;
~ lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides;
~ reduce blood viscosity;
~ help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

To increase your Omega 3 intake ~

~ grind whole organic flaxseeds in a coffee grinder and sprinkle over fresh fruit;
~ throw a handful of organic walnuts into a green leafy salad;
~ add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your morning smoothie;
~ eat oily, cold water fresh fish like salmon, mackerel or tuna at least three times a week.

organic with the nuts and seeds to avoid the nasty sulfites and other chemicals they use to “preserve” them that may upset sensitive bodies .

Take a B complex supplement on a daily basis ~ B5, part of that complex, has been found to be effective in reducing the pain of arthritis in some cases ……….. buy perhaps a liquid B complex supplement as it will be easier for your body to assimilate …….. get one with all the B’s in it ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folic acid etc…. as they work best as a group…. don’t buy any of the B complex of vitamins individually but rather as a whole group unless specifically instructed to do so by a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath.

The B complex of vitamins is essential for healthy neural, digestive and immune system functioning and will bolster your system enormously in dealing with the everyday stresses of life.

Please also ensure that whichever supplement you decide to buy doesn’t contain any lactose, wheat, yeast, gluten, preservatives or flavorings, sugar or yeast as none of these have any place in a good quality supplement anyways.

Take 2 fish oils capsules twice daily.

Take extra vitamin C in a powdered form as well ~ you can get it with bioflavonoids contained therein ~ the bioflavonoids inrease the power of vitamin C 10 fold……. if you’re taking lots of aspirin you’re losing vitamin C.

Vitamin C reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system and restores the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal tract………. In addition, vitamin C creates an environment in the digestive tract that helps control the overgrowth of yeast, bacteria and parasites.

Vitamin C deficiency can contribut to digestive problems, as well as bleeding gums, increased susceptibility to infection, joint pain, unexplained bruising and lack of energy.

hope this helps u

peace 2 u

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Posted by Martha Milldenton - September 27, 2011 at 5:00 am

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Treating Your Rheumatoid Arthritis the Natural Way

Treating Your Rheumatoid Arthritis the Natural Way

Rheumatoid arthritis is not just a minor discomfort; this is an actual autoimmune disease that attacks the joints and causes chronic and constant inflammation.  This inflammation can also be found in other areas of the body including vital organs.  An autoimmune disease is when the bodies own immune system attacks its own systems; in rheumatoid arthritis there are antibodies in the blood that then target their body’s own tissues and joints. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis is called a collagen disease because it occurs throughout the body’s connective tissue.  The symptoms vary with the stage of the disorder.  At first, those affected complain of fatigue and feeling sore, achy, and stiff.  People may eventually find themselves unable to move their limbs fully without trouble because of swelling, inflaming and immobilizing of the joints.

For those who have this disease, it’s important to realize that it is progressive but sometimes a patient can go for extended periods of time without any symptoms or attacks.  Even though your body may not be experiencing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis you of course still have the disease and need to pay attention to your diet and other lifestyle choices to keep yourself pain-free as much as possible.

It was once thought that there were certain foods that caused or prevented rheumatoid arthritis but more research in this area has proven this notion to be false.  Tomatoes do not seem to cause flare-ups and fish oils do not seem to lessen the inflammation either.  Once you realize the cause of this condition, that it’s an actual disease that cannot be controlled and is not a condition brought on by diet, you can then treat it properly.  Many have found that addressing the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis is best.  Taking acetaminophen such as Tylenol helps most patients.  Some tetracycline drugs also seem to have the same effect.


Addressing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis is also important over and above any medication you may take.  Many have found that humidifier in their living and working space is important, as this added moisture keeps the joints fluid and healthy.  Proper and regular exercise is also important as this too keeps the body flexible and increases circulation around the joints.  However, it’s important to choose exercises that don’t put any stress on the joints, such as swimming or using an elliptical machine.  Running can sometimes make rheumatoid arthritis even worse as the pounding on the feet, ankles, and knees can be very painful.

It may be necessary to make some accommodations for the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and so that the condition is not aggravated.  Raised toilet seats are helpful, as are risers under the bed and firmer chairs and couches.  Some find that using wrist and finger splints can also cut down on inflammation as well.

Getting recommended physical therapy is also important in keeping the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis at bay.  Follow your doctor’s advice and keep yourself active and be sure to do the exercises recommended by your physical therapist and you should be able to manage your symptoms while waiting for a cure.

Some common vitamins and over the counter products may help with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis diseases such as:

Vitamin C is essential for defending the body against pollution and infection.  It enhances the immune system.  Aids in growth and repair of both bone and tissue by helping the body produce collagen. Vitamin C’s collagen-producing properties make it a prime candidate for arthritis treatment.

Green Tea Extract contains natural antioxidant compounds known as polyphenols useful in fighting tumors as well as helping prevent and treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Rutin acts synergistically with Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Glucosamine Plus provides cartilage nutrition for healthy joints and is an anit-inflammatory.

Chondroitin Complex works together with Glucosamine to block the action of cartilage-damaging enzymes and promotes the healthy flow of water and nutrients into cartilage-producing cells.

M.S.M maintains the development of the body’s protein by forming flexible disulfide bonds between certain amino acids and in maintaining the strength of connective tissue.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and not to be construed as medical advice.

David Cowley has created numerous articles about the relationship between diseases and vitamins. Visit Health Related Articles

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Treating Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Aggressively

Treating Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Aggressively

Arthritis is not something that goes away on its own. You should never ignore any drastic change in your body, especially one that can potentially cripple you. Although we don’t know rheumatoid arthritis causes, there are some generalizations that can be made about people suffering at certain levels of the condition. Tests can be done to determine what levels of certain chemicals you have that indicate the presence of early rheumatoid arthritis. Recent studies have indicated that treating this aggressively helps the patient overall.

What Chemicals Do They Test For?

When a person has early rheumatoid arthritis, their bodies tend to put out higher amounts of certain chemicals. These chemicals do not seem to be the cause of early rheumatoid arthritis or create any pain. These chemicals include the protein Interluekin 15 (IL 15), Inerluekin 6, B cells (a kind of white blood cell), blood fats (LDL is especially looked at) and lysozomes (a kind of enzyme).

All kinds of rheumatoid arthritis, including early rheumatoid arthritis, is thought to be an autoimmune disease, which is probably why the body puts out these chemicals because it considers itself under attack. Early rheumatoid arthritis usually happens in women more than men.

Kinds Of Aggressive Treatments

A Dutch study called PROMPT treated 110 patients with early rheumatoid arthritis with a strong drug called methotrexate (a cancer drug) for one year. X rays showed that they had less damage to their joints than people with early rheumatoid arthritis who took a placebo. They also still had less damage after 30 months. However, methotrexate has very harsh side effects, which is the reason why the treatment is described as “aggressive”.

Another study, called BeST (misspelled on purpose), has since backed up PROMPT. It tracked patients with early rheumatoid arthritis for two years who were taking a combination of methotrexate and Remicade (an anti-inflammatory). They were 55% less hampered by their early rheumatoid arthritis than those who took a placebo.

However, many patients with early rheumatoid arthritis are not eager to through the pain and expense of aggressive early treatment (and rightly so). The bottom line seems to be that each early rheumatoid arthritis case needs their treatment tailored to them as soon as possible. But, no matter how you choose to treat it, you can’t just ignore your pain, swelling and stiffness and hope it will just go away. That is merely a prescription to guarantee that it will get worse.

You can find many more about Arthritis and related articles at Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

For all your Arthritis needs, interests and hobbies, please visit Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms News

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Where Can I Find Info On Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis? – Find Out What The Experts Are Saying

Where Can I Find Info On Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis? – Find Out What The Experts Are Saying

More than 2.5 million people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in the United States alone. A very common question that I often come across is — where can I find info on treating rheumatoid arthritis? Find out the expert answer of this important question in this article.

The Internet is an excellent place where you can find information on treating rheumatoid arthritis. This can help you in many ways and will also give you greater education on its symptoms, so that you can ask questions intelligently to your doctor regarding treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Here is an in depth analysis on the symptoms and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

The general symptoms that are associated with the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis are –

– Muscle pain
– Swollen glands
– Weakness
– Fatigue
– Loss of appetite
– Joint pains
– Limited range of movement
– Deformities in the hands and feet
– Morning stiffness

Here are some of the common treatment methods used for treating rheumatoid arthritis –

1) Cox-2 inhibitors — Cox-2 is an enzyme in our body that increases the level of inflammation, and this worsens rheumatoid arthritis. Cox-2 inhibitors block this enzyme called Cox-2 and provide relief in arthritis symptoms.

Although it is effective in the short term, it also suffers from serious side effects and health risks. For example, Vioxx is a Cox-2 inhibitors brand that was manufactured by Merck, had to be removed from the market after various studies showed that it increased the risk of strokes and heart attacks. In fact, thousands of lawsuits are pending against it.

2) NSAID’s — this is the abbreviated form of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These are the general drugs that majority of the people are aware of such as ibuprofen and aspirin, etc. They are effective for short-term pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, but when used for a long time and in high doses, they can cause various health problems such as ulcers, stomach problems and gastrointestinal bleeding.

3) Corticosteroids — although they have various other uses, they are also used to counter inflammation in symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. They help alleviate the pain, but there are also various other side effects such as a greater risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, cataract, weight gain and much more.

This aforementioned information is a list of common treatments that are suggested for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This was the general prescription based advice for the question — where can I get info on treating rheumatoid arthritis? But, what is the holistic and natural treatment for effective long term relief without the risk of side effects?

The effective long-term treatment of rheumatoid arthritis requires a holistic approach. For example, diet which is one of the most essential contributors for good health is deeply connected with the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

The average Western diet has become highly deficient in essential Omega 3 fatty acids. It contains a lot of processed foods such as grilled food, sugars, grains, charred food, etc. which creates inflammation in the body and exaggerates the conditions of rheumatoid arthritis.

This state of inflammation, which is caused due to consuming a typical Western diet, leads to a risk of stroke, heart attack and also worsens the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

So, where can I find info on treating rheumatoid arthritis? You should begin with your diet. The natural solution is to increase the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet,

Omega-3 fatty acids have excellent natural anti-inflammatory properties. They help to reduce tenderness in joints, improve mobility and decrease morning stiffness, reduce inflammation and pain and also provide a lot of benefits for the brain and heart.

Foods that contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids are — Omega 3 rich eggs, walnuts, flaxseed, almonds and fatty fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, etc. Using purified fish oil supplements is one of the most effective means to supplement the daily omega-3 needs and as effective long-term treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Vijay K Raisinghani is a Natural Healthcare Expert and a passionate advocate of Omega 3 Fish oils for a healthy mind and body. His website provides a wealth of information on what works and what doesn’t work in Omega 3 fish oils to achieve a young, vibrant and robust health.

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Treating Arthritis Pain (Arthritis #2)

Need quick relief from those aching arthritic joints? Here are some easy tips. Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
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