Is arthritis curable. How would you know when you are diagnosed with arthritis and what type do you have?

Question by Gopolang Mathaila: Is arthritis curable. How would you know when you are diagnosed with arthritis and what type do you have?
Tell me about rheumatoid arthritis, what are symptons and what can you do to treat it, more especially in winter.

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Answer by Kerry
There are two types of arthiritis.

1) Osteoarthiritis- wear and tear of the cartilage (cartilage is like a cover, it allows the bones in joint to slide past one another without grinding the bones together)

2) Rheumatoid Arthiritis- this is a disease cause by you’re own immune system.

Rheumatoid arthirtis is believed to be triggered by an infection. On the bacteria that caused the infection are sequences which antibodies recognise. To fight the infection the antibodies increase in number and suppress the disease. By chance, the subunit on the bacteria that the antibodies recognise may be very similar to a subunit that makes up your bone. So, because of the increased number of antibodies, your body attacks the bone believing it is the bacterial infection leading to bone degradation.

Symptoms- inflammation and swelling of the joints. stiffness. Gentle excersise in the morning can relieve these symptoms if the disease is in it’s early form.

Treatment- there is no cure, however use of anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce swelling and discomfort. Physical therapy and joint replacement surgery are also options.

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One thought on “Is arthritis curable. How would you know when you are diagnosed with arthritis and what type do you have?

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by a virus or bacteria. Medical scientists are not sure as of yet, which it is. This pathogen produces a condition in the body where the body’s own immune system attacks the cartilage in your joints. This attack can be triggered by cold, as in the winter months.

    But the most important piece of this puzzle is that Rheumatoid Arthritis is curable but not with conventional medicines. The Arthritis Foundation does endorse oxygen therapy to rebuild cartilage and get rid of the pain associated with this type of arthritis.

    When Rheumatoid Arthritis strikes, the pain can be crippling and the current drugs on the market often cause irreparable damage to the stomach, liver or kidneys.

    This is because the pharmaceutical industry is desperately trying to find a drug that will allow you to ‘manage’ RA but not cure it. There is no money in the cure but any drug that you get addicted to (NSAIDS in particular) will provide a constant source of revenue for them for the rest of your life.

    Please look into alternative therapies and Oxygen Therapy in particular. This is what I used 2 years ago to get rid of my arthritis and I haven’t had a twinge of pain since that time.

    I hope this helps.

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